Can a mother breastfeed her baby if she is covid positive

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Can a mother breastfeed her baby if she is covid positive

Constipation, difficulty having regular bowel movements or BMs, is a common symptom of pregnancy. This does not mean that you have to suffer from constipation or irregular, hard bowel movements and the pain associated with pregnancy constipation.

Constipation is very common because digestion generally slows down during pregnancy. If you are constipated, you can help yourself by following these tips:

•             By drinking enough fluids

•             By doing regular exercise

•             Eating enough fibre which can be found in whole grain fruits and foods.

Some changes you can make in your diet and lifestyle that might help ease your problem of constipation:

  • By eating high-fibre foods such as cereals and pulses (rajma, chole, ragi), wholegrain breads such as whole wheat chapattis, and fresh vegetables and fruits every day, fruits like guava and vegetables like carrots are high in fibre.
  • If you’ve been following a low fibre diet, then gradually you may increase your intake of fibre in your diet, so that your system adjusts to the change.
  • Decrease the intake of refined foods like instant noodles. Refined flour (maida) is very commonly used to make white breads, kulchas , naan , cake and biscuits. If these foods are part of your pregnancy diet, it may be wiser to switch to healthier whole grain or whole wheat options instead of refined flour (maida).
  • Drink plenty of water, at least 8 to 12 glasses a day. You can increase your fluid intake with other drinks as well such as coconut water, buttermilk, fresh fruit juice, lime juice and lassi.
  • Exercise during constipation, walking and yoga can all help to ease constipation, and leave you feeling more fit and healthy. It’s important that you follow a exercise schedule suitable, according to your fitness level and stamina so that you don’t exhaust yourself.
  • Some medications can increase the constipation. Often they are given to help prevent anemia. Try to work to prevent anemia in a nutritional manner.