The benefits of having the support of a birthing companion during childbirth

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  • The benefits of having the support of a birthing companion during childbirth

The benefits of having the support of a birthing companion during childbirth

Qualitative evidence over the past few years have found that the presence of a birthing companion results in outcomes of babies and mothers who are healthier mentally and physically, post the strenuous labour phase. Considering the positive statistics that encourage the expectant mother to have a good birthing companion, Swapna Health Care has put together a guide that will help you in understanding why birthing companions for women in labour.


Who Is a Birthing Companion?

Birthing companionship refers to the support that the expectant mother receives during her labour. This support could be provided from anyone including husband, parent, friend, a family member, a healthcare professional.



Understanding the roles of a birthing companion:

A good birthing companion provides  the expectant mother with all the information and procedural techniques that will be involved during labour. They communicate the required information from the doctors/staff of the hospital to the expectant mother. A birth companion helps in calming the nerves of the mother and keeps them mentally calm. They help in keeping mothers mobile throughout the labor process. Having this support helps in promoting a positive environment for the expectant mother before labour. They help understand coping mechanisms for pain and keep her well hydrated. Having this kind of positive support provides the mother with reassurance and calms them down.

The birthing companion also helps in a process with lamaze breathing. The process guides the expectant mother to breathe in & out during contractions & for pushing the baby with less physical tension during labor. Birthing companion guides the expectant mother through this process.

Pre-requisites of a birthing companion:

  • They should be a family member, parenting partner, spouse or a medical professional. 
  • They should be providing a calming presence and not cause any hindrance towards the medical staff or the labour process. 
  • In case the birthing companion is a healthcare professional, they should get acquainted with the expectant mother before the delivery and understand their preferences. 
  • They should explain the birth-care procedure, understand the concerns and facilitate how to make the process easy by working as a team. 
  • They discuss the mother’s preference on birth plans which might also include pain management.

Understanding the advantages of having a birthing companion: 

It is the responsibility of a Health care provider to suggest to the expectant parents on having a good birthing companion. Doing so would help in reducing the nerves a mother may experience before delivery. It helps the mother feel empowered and in control during the labour, which shortens the delivery duration. Having a support that understands the process helps in facilitating a positive environment for the baby to be born in and creates a strong bond between the infant and the parents. By having a support system like a companion, decreases the chances of any interventions and complications that might result in cesarean deliveries. Because of this support, the baby blues or postpartum depression also significantly reduce and enhance the participation of the partner during this process. Having someone positive around the birth helps avoiding any ill feelings towards the birthing process for the expectant mother.

Swapna Health Care's birthing companion process



At Swapna Health Care, when you come to us for having a professional during your labour process, we provide you with a birthing companion who is experienced, understanding and empathetic. This will allow you to experience your labour with a calmer state of mind because of the reassurance. We make sure that the birthing companion is well acquainted with you and understands your needs before they step into the labour room along with you. 

Over all, we assure a truly comfortable childbirth experience for the mother and the new life that she brings into this world. We understand that childbirth seeks exclusive care and undivided attention. We take pride in having provided such devoted service to many over the last three decades