Covid Care


COVID-19 is one word that has swept the globe and got everyone talking about what can be done. With India being the country with the 3rd highest number of cases, a good recovery rate and almost every city being impacted it is extremely important to follow the right guidance. In light of the new world that we live in where things are changing and evolving daily, we at Swapna are here to look after you during these times, our team at Swapna Health Care is ready to take all the necessary steps to ensure you and your loved ones are welcomed and given all the right information and next steps if such an incident takes place. Our team of experts are available for consultation over a phone or video call too if making it to the hospital would not be possible. Your well-being is our utmost priority now and always.


Swapna Health Care is now treating patients and/or anyone who believes they have been infected by Coronavirus. Register now to book your Video Consultation with our Physician to do an initial consultation and guide you through the next steps. What are the steps taken by Swapna Health Care to prevent and cure people of the virus? Taking care of you from a safe distance, Swapna Health Care is offering Online Video Consultations with our expert General Physician to simulate the various symptoms of the patient.

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