Fertility Clinic

Why choose Fertility Care at Swapna Health Care?

When you decide to seek fertility help you will realize there are plenty of IVF clinics. They look very similar at first glance but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

They have different levels of experience, scientific ability & care.

We are unique, in that at Swapna Health Care, the unit is headed by Dr.P. Sree Durga, who has been trained in reproductive medicine from various prestigious institutes from the United Kingdom. She has performed thousands of IVF cycles in the UK & in India with a very high success rate. She offers honest, realistic advice on the choices available to you. She has authored various chapters  & articles in reputed international books & journals & her research on AMH was published in the prestigious fertility & sterility journal. Not only we are at the forefront of science but we also provide care like no other. This means we ensure things like egg collections & embryo transfers happen at the best possible time for you, not just when it’s most convenient for us.

       All this adds to one thing - a high success rate. Every part of your fertility treatment is carefully planned to optimize success. At Swapna Health Care you will see the same fertility specialist

Dr. P. Sree Durga throughout your journey.

                 At our center, you have access to the advanced technology to help give you the best possible chance of having a baby.    


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