gynaec endoscopy

Gynaec Endoscopy

  • The field of surgery has experienced the revolution in the last 2 decades, and one of the most significant developments is laparoscopic surgery.
  • The advantages of Laparoscopic surgery include avoiding a large abdominal incision, less pain, less trauma, early recovery and short hospital stay.
  • The Endoscopy unit at Swapna Healthcare has been one of the earliest to be started (the 1980s) in the state of Andhra Pradesh, with the concept of bringing the latest technology of international quality for the benefit of the women of our state. We have three ‘State of The Art’ OTs with the latest technology of International Standards. Since then we kept pace with the rest of the world in upgrading the technology, equipment, and the professional skills. Our institution has been known for the past three decades for delivering highly ethical and professional practice with utmost personal care.