Pre Marital Pre Conceptional Counselling

Pre-marital counseling is meant to prepare couples for what they can expect from a marriage. Though this concept of Premarital counseling in India is looked on with a lot of reservation and inhibitions, the younger generation today are open to going through pre-marital counseling before they take the next step. At Swapna Healthcare we have counselors who can help resolve any of the queries between partners or couple who are planning a life together.

There are several functions of premarital counseling:

  • 1. Assist couples to develop skills to successfully navigate their way through life.
  • 2. Identify areas of difference (conflict) and possibly resolve them
  • 3. Interest and activities
  • 4. Role expectations
  • 5. Personal adjustments
  • 6. Interpersonal communication
  • 7. Religion and philosophy
  • 8. Marriage expectations
  • 9. Finances
  • 10. Children and parenting
  • 11. Sexuality
  • 12. Planning / preventing pregnancy

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