normal delivery

Normal Delivery

Normal delivery of your baby is possible if you take the right care of your health during pregnancy. Right diet and right exercise during pregnancy to ensure natural childbirth or normal delivery.

Normal delivery is being promoted these days and more and more would-be mothers prefer to go for it. Our doctors are trying to convince and promote awareness among people so that normal delivery cases increase. First-time mothers are more anxious about the safety and well being of their babies.

Normal delivery is a natural and physiological process that every woman is capable of performing and nature has been perfecting it for millions of years. Except in certain medical conditions, where it becomes very essential to go for the C-section to save the child or the mother, normal delivery is possible.

Although there is no magic or a sure shot formula that will help in the outcome of normal delivery, things can be worked out and paid attention to, to improve your chances of going for it.

Women choosing the Natural Birth at Swapna Healthcare are supported to give birth naturally in a calm, comfortable environment, assisted by skilled and caring midwives.

The Natural Birth at Swapna Healthcare is suitable for women who are motivated to labour naturally without an epidural for pain relief, who have a singleton pregnancy with the baby in a cephalic (head-down) position and who have an uncomplicated obstetric history, (for example, no previous caesarean section and normal fetal growth pattern).