painless labor

Painless Labor

Labour pain has been described as the most painful experience a woman can have in her lifetime. Efforts have been made for centuries to remove this labour pain. Finally, few methods were discovered to reduce the pain during the labour. Of all the methods epidural labour analgesia (pain relief for labour pains) is found to be the safest and most effective technique for mother and baby and so, is most widely used. In almost all developed countries epidural analgesia or anaesthesia is taken by more than 90% of all pregnant ladies for pain relief for normal delivery or for Caesarean sections.

This is a method of giving you pain relief during labour. This is done by Anaesthesiologist. A fine catheter (threaded like a plastic tube) is introduced in the low back between two spinal bones into epidural space. The epidural space lies immediately outside the outermost layer covering the spinal cord and containing the nerves that carry the pain you feel in labour. Once the catheter is placed in the epidural space, pain killing drugs are injected through the catheter which numb the nerves, thus removing/reducing the pain sensation. These painkilling drugs can be given through the tube as often as necessary till the time of delivery. During this period, you will be fully conscious, uterine contractions will continue but the feeling of labour pains will be absent or minimal.

At Swapna Healthcare a 24-hour on demand epidural service for painless delivery is available. All your doubts about the epidural analgesia will be clarified by the Anesthesiologist prior to administration of epidural. This will help you in making an informed decision.

Other natural birth methods exist, such as Prenatal Yoga & Lamaze. Both Yoga and Lamaze classes are held at Swapna Healthcare

Some mothers prefer inhalation analgesia and we provide that facility also at Swapna Healthcare.